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Integrating Silverlight 4 with SharePoint 2010 – Free 42 Page

SharePointIntegrating Silverlight RIAs in SharePoint 2010 offers amazing opportunities to combine the power and flexibility offered by SharePoint with great user experiences. In fact, many interfaces shown in SharePoint 2010 are developed in Silverlight. Packt Enterprise wants to integrate Silverlight RIAs into SharePoint 2010. First, they must understand some of the fundamentals that are related to various tools and their configurations. In this chapter, they will cover many topics to help them understand the new tools and techniques involved in creating Silverlight RIAs for SharePoint 2010 sites.

They will: Understand the benefits of integrating Silverlight with SharePoint, Prepare the development environment to develop applications for SharePoint 2010 using Silverlight 4, Prepare the SharePoint 2010 server to host Silverlight applications, Create a Silverlight Line of Business RIA, Learn to add a Silverlight RIA to a SharePoint site, Understand the advantage of creating rich user experiences for SharePoint solutions, Work with shared documents to store a Silverlight application in SharePoint sites, Work with many Silverlight applications in a single page, Learn the differences between client and server code.

Publisher: Packt Enterprise


Android Application Testing Guide – Free 26 Page

androidAndroid Application Testing Guide is the first and only book providing a practical introduction to the most common available techniques, frameworks, and tools to improve the development of your Android applications. Clear, step-by-step instructions show how to write tests for your applications and assure quality control using various methodologies. The author’s experience in applying application testing techniques to real world projects enables him to share insights on creating professional Android applications. The book starts by introducing Test Driven Development, which is an agile component of the software development process and a technique where you will tackle bugs early on. From the most basic unit tests applied to a sample project to more sophisticated performance tests, this book provides a detailed description of the most widely used techniques in the Android testing world in a recipe-based approach.

Packt Enterprise


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